Elyas Khan

ELYAS KHAN has built a reputation as one of the most eccentric and inspiring vocalists and songwriters in music today.  A powerhouse on stage, “taking the spiritual and making it gleefully profane”, with a voice like “melted fucking chocolate over bourbon”, Khan draws influences from his UK-Indian heritage and his creative upbringing in NYC art and music scene to create a dark, sensuous mass of sound, invoking a post punk, Led Zeppelin, electro / folk / funk / urban / nomadic freak-out! His primal instrumentals, ancient vocals, electronic chaos, and bass heavy grooves generate music as at home beside classics like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart as it is with contemporaries like Flying Lotus or Caribou.

Elyas is currently living in Berlin, where he recorded his new album Brawl in Paradise with British producer Matt Booker.”