Artist from Berlin

“What it’s like to have a soul, and how to prove what a soul is”

Writing about an intangible thing moves along the lines of a science fiction story. Catching the morbid reality that carries the artist away in the precise moment of creation is the motif behind the series of portraits titled Berlin is like Norfolk, put together by the collective Artist from Berlin.

In these portraits, both the artist and his work are taken somewhere else. To a terrain that receives these two bodies whose natures may coexist or stand alone. Just like the creative moment and the work of art are different terms, even though they may seem to be the same. Inspiration is the main axis of this photographic exhibition, defined under these premises:

Creation is an exorcism that’s denied to the audience because of its highly private character. It demands a respect we fear abusing. These are the unlimited frames in the creative life of the artist. The B- side, so alien to the spectator. Like being more naked than when one is undressed. Baring the soul of a naked body. Such is the importance of photographing this moment of trance, of taking a body.

Infinite possibilities and combinations. All of them reconciled in  an intimate, reserved and immortal dance, one that we are lucky to observe and in which we become practically invisible, so as to keep the creative moment safe.

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